Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something's Missing Here

Bit of a personal story to illustrate an insurance point.

Earlier this year, the aunt I and my family members living out here California way cared for during her declining years passed away. And so, it's fallen on us to prepare her condo for sale.

My aunt was a carefully detailed person who chronicled, and detailed, everything she did during her life. Which, for a woman who never married (her fiancé died in World War II) and lived a quiet life, was a surprising amount. She and her sister traveled across the country and to several different countries over the decades. Every trip was memorialized, down to saving every receipt. These were then neatly filed away. Whether they were ever subsequently referenced I don't know, but should the notion have ever crossed her mind, the saved memories were there.

My aunt saved everything. And I mean everything. Every bill, every Christmas card, every scrap of paper. Not that she was a packrat by any means; her condo was always immaculately kept and never cluttered. Instead, she kept everything in numerous file cabinets located throughout the place. All of which we now have to go through.

Here's where the insurance aspect kicks in.

What's the one thing we have yet to find?

You guessed it.

Her life and homeowners policies.

A reminder to us all to make sure this isn't the case for us!

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