Friday, September 3, 2010

A Journey Through Time... Well, The All-Employee Meeting

Here at the Walnut Creek office, we've just concluded our monthly all-employee meeting. It's the first one we've held since reunification of our San Francisco and Walnut Creek offices, so not only did we have a bigger crowd, but more energy.

And what would an all-employee meeting be without pictures? Once the business discussions were concluded, the fun began. First, we bid a reluctant farewell to the three interns who've been here this summer:

Alex Seys;

Damien LeClerc;

and Amanda Mournier.

Next, a warm CSE welcome to our two newest members of the family:

Eda Gotterup, our Director of Accounting;

and Sarah Ferrucci, our new Marketing Manager.
(Also this author's new supervisor.)

Following the introductions, it was time for service awards marking special anniversaries with the company. First up, celebrating ten years was our resident mail room master Rizal Udan. Rizal is with our President and CEO Pierre Bize (L) and Rizal's supervisor Mario Ubaldi (R).

Also celebrating ten years with the company, ol' what's-his-name, standing in-between VP of Market Strategy & Business Development Matt Hull (L) and Pierre (R).

"I would like to thank the members of the Academy..."

Another member of the ten year team was Senior Data Entry Operator Maria Machek, with Pierre on her left and Maria's boss Operations Manager Romey Dalisay on the right.

Commemorating fifteen years, Product Development Supervisor Bob Pick receives his well-deserved recognition from Pierre and Bob's boss Vice President of External Relations Greg Parini.

Finally, marking twenty years of service was Senior Business Analyst Kevin Johnson, standing in-between Pierre and Kevin's boss Manager of Computer Operations Vicki George.

Finally, we wish Elpidio Cruz a happy retirement!

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