Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

And the danger of mudslides resulting from last year's fire is not delightful. A quick glance at how things currently stand in southern California:

The second of four storms this week will be hitting the area today by mid-morning. Although this one should be less potent than yesterday's, it will be adding one to two inches of rainfall to yesterday's totals.

There is the potential in this storm of thunderstorms and periods of localized heavy rain, with anywhere from a half-inch to an inch per hour.

Look for winds in the mountain areas blowing south to southwest with gusts of over 50 MPH. Also, expect snow in the mountains above 5500 feet, with four to eight inches of the white stuff predicted.

The bad news is this storm is but a precursor to the much stronger one coming tomorrow. It portends strong, potentially damaging winds across the entire region along with up to three inches of rain along the coast and five inches in higher elevations. Snow is predicted to be in the amount of two to four feet above 6000 feet, with the snow level dipping down to 4000 feet.

As development occur they'll be posted here.

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