Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Can iPad Do For You?

Now that the Big Announcement is done and the Apple iPad is a known entity, the question arises: okay, so what are we supposed to do with it?


Set aside for a moment the fact that Apple has a collection of fans best described as Trekkies with day jobs, thus more than a tad excitable about anything Steve Jobs announces. Also set aside the "it's just a bigger iPod Touch" notion. The iPad is much, much more.

The iPad is the laptop for people who hate laptops. It can do the usual laptop things people do: check e-mail, surf the Web. It also has the multimedia capacity most laptops have, but due to their cumbersome nature are inconvenient for: music, video, reading. Far, far easier to curl up with a lightweight tablet than a keyboard and monitor.

The iPad can serve as a fairly full-functional computer, especially when paired with its optional external keyboard. The addition of iLife, if desired, enables the user to do spreadsheets, word processing and slide presentations. Plus it'll handle Office files. Do your work wherever you are, sync with your regular computer and you're done. Hardcore cubicle warriors probably won't be able to adapt, but for those who want something enjoyable in-between work sessions this is a combo that can't be beat.

There's no genuine downside to the iPad. We'll be able to use it for pleasure and business. We'll be able to go online and do what we usually do, plus have a touch screen making it easier to get around Web sites. Its portable nature will enable us to be comfortable using it whether at home or on the go.

I'm excited to see what developers come up with to take advantage of the iPad's features. Right now more than a few people are asking what is it purpose. I suspect that in a year's time the only thing the same people will be asking is why they waited so long to get one.

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  1. I didn't think I wanted one till I read this. Thanks Jerry!