Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Danica Patrick And The Difference Between Image And Reality

No, this isn't turning into an auto racing blog. However, an illustration from the world of motorsports is in order.

Earlier today, your intrepid blogger lent his dulcet tones to a weekly NASCAR radio program, discussing this past weekend's season-opening races at Daytona International Speedway. One of the weekend highlights, if not the highlight, was the appearance of Danica Patrick in her first NASCAR event. Unfortunately, her day was cut short when she was caught up in a wreck she had no part in creating. Such are the fortunes of racing.

Danica Patrick
To say that Danica's appearance generated far more attention than is the norm for the race in question is a severe understatement. Television ratings were through the roof; the race was far better attended than is usually the case, and her souvenir merchandise trailer at the track was far and away the busiest of all the drivers. For at least one day, Daytona became Danica-tona.

While Danica has garnered more than a little criticism for flaunting her looks as a means of gaining attention, there are other aspects of her life and work that warrant praise from all sides. One is how she has inspired more than a handful of young woman the past few years into believing they can pursue their dreams, even in fields traditionally considered off-limits such as auto racing. She is a gifted, skilled race car driver more than able to compete at any level. Finally, Danica is using her position as a public figure known by even those who have no interest whatsoever in motorsports to bring attention to an issue dear to her own heart. Namely, the pursuit of a cure for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), also known as emphysema.

Long story short: image and reality often have little in common.

Which ties into the insurance industry as a whole and CSE in particular.

Last week, I spoke on the phone with one of our customers. Several months ago she had been in a bad car accident. Her auto insurance was through us. During the conversation, she marveled time and again at how the Claims adjuster who handled her case answered her phone calls, took care of every issue, and even recovered, then sent to her, a music CD that was in the insured's car stereo at the time of the accident. It was a pleasant conversation to say the least!

Sometimes, in a world where seemingly every bit of news about anyone and anything connected with insurance focuses on the negative, it's good to know there are acknowledgments when we do what we're supposed to do; namely, take care of our customers when they need us. It won't change everyone's perception of us as an industry, for some will choose to believe the bad no matter what. However, as in the case of Danica Patrick, image and reality often have little in common.

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  1. Jerry - Once again I can relate to your post. I recently read an article from the Department of Insurance regarding Insurance fraud committed by a local agent. It angers me when people in our field lack integrity and commit such crimes. It looks bad for all of us, even though most of us truly care about our customers and live to do the right thing.
    Your story about CSE's insured is one of the many reasons, I am proud to represent CSE and to sell your product. I believe in CSE and I trust and know the Company will always do what is right. CSE may serve the people who serve the people, but truly serves the people...all the people.