Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Honest Truth About Insurance In Nevada

Nancy Orrick, our Nevada field marketing representative, is retiring this week, with Gary Gerber taking over her responsibilities, thus adding them to Arizona which was already his domain.

The occasion is a perfect opportunity to clear up some common misconceptions about insurance in Nevada. Despite the reputation of the state in general and Las Vegas in particular, personal lines there are the same as they are in the other forty-nine states. Honest.

Here are some incorrect, albeit popularly held beliefs about Nevada insurance:

  • A new policyholder does not indicate acceptance of terms by scraping their first premium on the table.

  • Deductible limits are not determined by what number comes up on a roulette wheel in the agent's office.

  • Auto claims adjusters do not indicate whether a car involved in an accident can be repaired by checking either the "know when to hold 'em" or "know when to fold 'em" box on their report.

  • There is no option to double down any given discount in return for one more renewal.

  • The number of payments per policy term is not referred to as Fever Five. Or Easy Six. Or Hard Four. Et cetera.

What we do have in Nevada are great agents selling quality home, dwelling fire and auto coverage at a competitive price.

But no slot machines. Honest.

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