Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome To The Future, Country Style

There are certain themes of commonality running through all of our lives. We all have to eat, which for the overwhelming majority of us means going grocery shopping. We all need shelter. We all need insurance.

Let's focus on the latter for a moment.

The image of one courageous individual standing alone against the soulless corporate machine makes for great entertainment fodder, with countless movies and television shows and books and plays devoted to this plot line. Certainly it happens in real life. However, far more often than not it simply isn't the case. The image has little to do with reality.

A tie-in from the music world. As mentioned earlier, I have a bit of the country hick in me. Which carries over to music. I can and do listen to most every style imaginable, but when in doubt give me that torch and twang. No yodeling, though.

One of the advantages country music has over pop is the enablement of storytelling. Most contemporary musical genres are structured so there's little room left for the lyrics to do anything other than get in and get out. This forces an endless stream of variations of "I love / don't love / used to love you." Which no matter how romantic or embittered one may be at the moment can get a bit old.

Granted, the common cliché of country lyrics is a mix of grandma, pickup trucks and/or love lives all breaking down simultaneously. However, as is usually the case the image has little to do with reality.

A theme that does occur time and again in country is the notion of people helping people, a sense of genuine community where neighbor helps neighbor and stranger helps stranger for no reason other than it being the right thing to do. Treating others as you'd like to be treated. That's the country way.

Which ties into what we do here.

One of the primary reasons CSE works with our independent agent force is the ability it gives us to, through working with our agents, communicate with our insureds on a personal level. We're not a bank of answering machines or a faceless form on a Web page. We take care of things personally. This isn't something we've recently started doing as a reaction to market surveys. It's how we've always done business.

There's more than a little amusement to be derived from watching businesses trumpet customer service as if they've invented a dynamic new way to do things. We're proud of the fact it's been CSE's standard operation procedure since we were founded more than sixty years ago. We're also happy to use tools such as Facebook, Twitter and this blog to communicate with you. We do want to hear from you. We do listen. We do respond. As do our agents.

We're glad to be a little bit country.

P.S. Speaking of country, here's some Brad Paisley for you:

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