Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Essence Of Essays

Your semi-humble corporate blogger person here has been spending much time the past several days reading through entries for our annual scholarship contest. Given that we received over 250 entries prior to the cut-off date for accepting them, it's taking a while. That said, they will all be read.

The entrants were required to write a short essay on ways to reduce the accident rate of teenage drivers. They also needed to demonstrate they met the entry requirements: GPA of 3.0 or higher, graduating with their class, letter of recommendation from a teacher, administrator or counselor at their current school, already accepted to an institution of higher learning, and at least one parent who is an active or retired civil servant.

It's been interesting reading the entries. I've done this before, and have noticed a general uptick in the quality of what's crossed my desk. There's been a few that have left me reaching for the aspirin. However, there have also been some that have been stunning in their thoughtfulness and quality. I'm eager to share them once we've selected the winners.

Almost as interesting have been the letters of recommendation. They've ranged the gamut from two sentence "yeah, they're a student here" to tightly packed three page epics portraying the applicant as something akin to a lightworker. Um, sure.

Time to get back to reading. In the meanwhile, speaking of high school here's an instant classic ad about the tribulations of same:

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