Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Great Constant

Baseball season starts next week, a sign that we've survived another winter and spring has finally sprung. Or something like that.

As the pre-season winds down, most teams play one or two games at home before the actual season starts. Such was the case here in the San Francisco Bay Area this evening, as both local teams got together for some, uh, "friendly" exhibition activity in San Francisco. And so, I switched on the radio.

Throughout my decades on this dusty orb, listening to baseball on the radio has been a great constant. Season after season, win or lose I've tuned in and listened. Not that I'm averse to watching the game on television or going out to the old ballpark a few times a year. But more often than not, I've listened.

Baseball announcers, assuming they're any good, become comfortable, familiar voices after a few years. They're a part of life's routines, one which never grows tiresome but is always welcome. It's a good thing to have in your life.

In a way, we're like that here at CSE.

We're not one of those organizations needing a conveyor belt to shuttle people in and out the door. Our relationship with many of our agencies spans not years, but decades and generations of families carrying on the business.

It's not a case of fossilization. Rather, we do what we do well because we've been at it for a while. We're as much about relationships as proper business practices. Good relationships within an organization are proper business practices. As is the case with our customers.

It's good to have a constant in your life. Hopefully you'll consider making us one.

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