Thursday, May 6, 2010

Serving The People Who Are In Need

As mentioned last week, the other day we, the employees of CSE, brought new meaning to our slogan “we serve the people who serve the people.” Through voluntarily giving up earned paid vacation days, we made possible a donation of over ten thousand dollars to the American Red Cross for its continued relief effort in Haiti following the devastating earthquake suffered earlier this year by the island nation.

The donation of $10,783.93 was presented on Thursday April 29 by our Vice President of Market Strategy and Business Development Matthew Hull to American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter Chief Executive Officer Harold Brooks.

This donation came about entirely at the suggestion of the employees here at CSE. Immediately following the quake, the question of what we could do to help was raised. Giving in the manner we did was suggested, and we ran with it.

The timing of when the donation was made was intentional. By waiting until now, we’ve helped the Red Cross with their work at a time when other events have pushed the Haitian earthquake out of the headlines even through the relief work remains an ongoing effort.

Glad we not only could help... but did.

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