Tuesday, May 25, 2010


At first glance, the modern rock band Stone Temple Pilots and CSE Insurance, or any insurance provider for that matter, have little in common. Other than both the band (STP for short) and CSE being based in California. Ah, but there are common threads.

STP released an eponymous (self-titled) album today, their first new one since 2001. To this listener's ears, it's a good one. Loaded with songs that manage to be both tuneful and rock out, the album shows unmistakable influences, without being imitative, from California-based bands of days gone by such as the Byrds and the Beach Boys. To the vast majority of the album's listeners, who have no idea who the aforementioned bands are, Stone Temple Pilots will doubtless sound like something entirely fresh and new. Actually, in many respects it's quite old-fashioned.

Which is where the connection between STP and CSE is rooted.

Again, not that there's any direct connection, affiliation with or endorsement of one by the other. (Personally, I love the album.) Where the parallels are drawn is in how, while considered to be modern, Stone Temple Pilots draw heavily from better elements of the past to flesh out the present.

Which is an excellent way to do business.

And it's how we do it.

CSE has some terrific services and processes at its disposal, with more to come. Yet we deliver these not solely through a website. Instead, we rely on our agent force. They are the ones who will always be best equipped to answer an individual customer's questions and direct them toward the coverage they need. You can't beat that.

Today is bursting with promise and innovation. But in so many areas, nothing beats old school.

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