Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

One of those "talk about that in order to talk insurance" posts, so please bear with.

There's been word of some sporting event taking place tomorrow in the San Francisco Bay Area. Anyone heard about that? I know the San Jose Sharks and New Jersey Devils are playing tomorrow night in San Jose...

Seriously, it is well nigh impossible to go anywhere or do anything up here without being reminded the Giants are in the World Series. Orange and black are the colors du jour, and at least one-fifth of the population in these parts know how to spell Lincecum. Whether they know who he is is a matter of debate. But one thing at a time.

The problem with all the excitement is that for those of us who every time we hear the phrase "your San Francisco Giants" immediately reply "they ain't mine," the hype is highly distracting from assorted tasks at hand. Like, oh, this election thing coming up next Tuesday? If the Series goes to a Game Six, be thankful it'll be the day after or else all campaigns in the City by the Bay will have to be decided by coin toss due to lack of ballots cast.

Luckily, I have the aforementioned Sharks-Devils game to fill time tomorrow evening, although given how it'll be starting when the baseball game will be drawing to a close I imagine the only people paying attention to hockey when the puck drops will be me and hopefully the players. The rest of the time? I'm predicting a lot of reading, or guitar practice or similar activities.

Anyway, went through all of the above to discuss the danger of preoccupation.

We all get carried away with, at various points in time, certain events to the exclusion of most everything else in life. Which is okay. To a point. However, we must never allow ourselves the unaffordable luxury of sailing blissfully and merrily along, living solely in whatever moment is most appealing. Life happens regardless of whether we approve. Or appreciate the interruption.

Be prepared. That's where we come in.

That all said, sometimes we do need to blow off some steam...

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