Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day is Cupcakes and Cocktails Time -- Honest

As you hopefully know, today is Election Day across the nation.

The privilege of being allowed to freely select those who hold positions in government is not one to be taken lightly. Many a soldier, sailor, Marine and airman over the past two hundred and thirty years has paid the ultimate price so we can vote for the candidate of our choice. And then complain about them all the way up to the next election.

And if you don't vote, turn in your 'right to complain' card immediately.

A few enterprising individuals have added culinary enticements to the appeal to vote. For example, locations of The Counter hamburger chain are offering a free side of fries today with proof of voting, otherwise known as your "I Voted" sticker. Meanwhile, assorted bars in San Francisco (I'm personally amazed they have anything left to serve after last night, but whatever) are offering fifty cent drink specials to people who've voted. For those whose taste run more toward frosting than the foam atop a glass of beer, various shops are devoted to enticing your sweet tooth with the offer of a free cupcake upon proof of voting.

In any case, free food or not... please vote. Thanks!

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