Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Slightly Unusual Auto Policy

A recent news article in Insurance Journal notes that Hulk Hogan has added his ex-wife in a lawsuit against his insurance broker for failing to adequately protect his fortune. Seems said broker neglected to mention to the Hulkster that given his wealth, an umbrella policy might be in order.

Although the case itself isn't all that interesting, it does bring up the issue of special insurance needs held by members of certain professions, which would no doubt cause some interesting moments should they come by an office to buy a policy. For example:

"Now, sir, I understand you'd like to purchase an auto policy with us."

"That is correct."

"And you say the car in question is an Aston Martin."


"Well, luxury sports cars do require a high premium, but I'll be glad to help you. I'll just need some basic information. The license plate number?"

"Which one?"

"Um... you car has more than one license plate?"

"Yes, it has several."

"Isn't that a bit unusual?"

"Well, I rotate them depending on where I am."

"I see. Now on your application form, sir, you indicated the car has some modifications that might require additional endorsements."


"Very well, let's take a look here... you want coverage for ancillary damage from weaponry?"

"Quite. Despite all efforts to avoid it, there are times when a missile or bullet might go astray."

"Your car shoots missiles and guns?"


"Sir, we don't insure military vehicles."

"Oh, I assure you it's not a military vehicle. Just a sports car."

"Do all sports cars come equipped with rocket launchers?"

"It is an unfortunate necessity in my line of work."

"Um... of course. Now, you say you also need a boat policy?"


"Very well then... name of boat manufacturer?"

"Aston Martin."

"Sir, Aston Martin doesn't make boats."

"I know. It's for the car."

"The car is a boat?"

"It has that capacity, yes."

"Sir, is this some kind of joke?"

"Oh, no. I'm quite serious. The car can be used as a boat if need be."

"Er... very well, sir. Now, it says here you're not interested in the glass replacement coverage."


"The reason being?"

"Bulletproof glass. Quite indestructible."

"But of course, sir. Oh, your name please?"

"Bond. James Bond."

"I should have known."

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