Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Give The Man The Money

You have to be a stickler for the rules in insurance. It's part of how we protect our good customers, by actively seeking out those who would jack up everyone's rates by attempting to abuse the system.

That said, sometimes you can be a bit too much of a stickler for the rules. Such was the case last Saturday night in Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Ice minor league hockey team, like most hockey teams, has a contest in-between periods. Last Saturday night, one of the contests was shooting the puck the length of the ice into the net at the other end. Making it even more of a challenge, the front of the net was completely covered except for a three-inch wide slot at the bottom.

Which is the exact size of a hockey puck.

On to the ice stepped a 73-year old gentleman, who stated prior to taking the shot that if he made it, he's donate the $50,000 prize to a local heart center which had performed life-saving surgery on him a few years back.

He made the shot.

The insurance company sponsoring the shot has thus far refused to pay up, insisting he stepped over the line prior to taking the shot. Never mind how this cut the shot distance down from 190 feet to maybe 189 feet. Or that the team mascot was goofing around beforehand and moved the gentleman to the spot from which he took the shot. No, you were over the line, and you don't get the money.

The team, wisely, has thus far declined to name the insurance company in question.

For the record, it was not CSE.

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