Friday, April 8, 2011

A Former Scholarship Winner Shares

As our 2011 Youth Scholarship contest rolls along, we'd like to take a moment and look back to last year's contest. More specifically, at one of the winners who recently send us a thank-you card including this note:

Thank you so much for making my dreams possible. My first two quarters at San Luis Obispo have been absolutely wonderful and could not be possible without your contribution. The money you have generously donated has been used for various architecture projects, for books, and for general fees on campus. As an architect major, I have worked on dozens of projects. Some pictures of my most successful projects are included.

I am having a wonderful time at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. All of my classes are incredible and I love going to class every day. Thank you for making it all possible and allowing me to pursue my dreams as an aspiring architect. Thank you so much for making my dreams possible.

So what has our winner from last year been accomplishing? Quite a bit, actually. Here are the photos of some of his projects, with his description:

A simple compositional project made from wire placed on a base.

A basswood model using the same ideas of the wire project.

A remodeling project of Hartford Pier, a pier located in Avila Beach. This bridge was designed as a lookout point out to the ocean that separates itself from the chaotic and busy pier deck. The primary focus of this project was on craft along with the design aspect.

Known as paraSITE, this is the most involving and experimental project to date. Made of over 130 pounds of steel, with over 80 pounds suspended on the two points, one at the box and the other at the wall. This taught me how to use many of the tools that CAED had at its disposal such as a complete welding shop, metal shop and wood shop. I have learned how to use many of the various saws and sanders, metal shears and spot welders, and the welder and plasma cutter. These lifelong skills could only have been obtained through your contribution.

It's good to have this reminder of how helping the children of the people who serve the people yields positive returns for everyone!

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