Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All Was Quiet Two Days Before New Year's Day... Except For The Pregnant Cow

At a time when ragging on public employees has grown rampant, it's good to note the good work so many of them do on our behalf.

One could almost say it behooves us to applaud their efforts.

Or is it be-hoofs?

Very late last year, namely December 30th, a young lady named Marciel was feeling a bit down in the dumps, despite being surrounded by wellness.

Seems she'd fallen into a well.

Given that Marciel, who was with child, weighed in at a svelte 1300 pounds getting her out of the well was a tad more involved than throwing her a rope and telling her to start climbing. The lack of opposable thumbs was another handicap.

As you have hopefully surmised by now, Marciel is a cow.

The fire department arrived on scene and, along with members of the sheriffs department, swiftly went to work pumping water out of the well. Marciel, who had been treading water as best a 1300 pound pregnant cow can, was appreciative of this effort, given that it allowed her to stand.

A sheriff's brother, whose profession is a cowboy, was recruited for the task of entering the well and securing a harness around Marciel. He did so with aplomb, no doubt relieved she didn't select that particular moment to go into labor bovine style.

Finally, an hour and forty-five minutes after first arriving on the scene, all parties concerned breathed a sigh of relief as Marciel was lifted out of the well and placed back on solid ground. A quick checkup by the vet, and she was back with the rest of the herd doing what cows do. Namely, eat grass and stand around a lot.

I'm surprised she hasn't been asked to appear on Oprah.

But seriously, thanks to the firefighters and sheriffs who ensured Marciel and the little Marciel will enjoy a happy and healthy 2011.

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