Thursday, January 13, 2011

Balance of Power

This past Saturday evening, as the nation was reeling from what had taken place in Tucson earlier in the day, this writer was at a concert featuring several favorite artists from the 1980s. One of the songs played by the headlining act, a band named Undercover, was from their Balance of Power record. It contains these lyrics:

I can see it's hard to read your eyes.

Your eyes are all prepared to take me for a ride.

Oh my soul upset, I'm so upset, the world come crashing down

The balance of power is all upset and now we're going down

Trust me now, but don't you come too near

Too near is just too close to where we stand right now

I fear it's all upset, degenerate, the world come crashing down

The balance of power is all upset and now we're going down...

An eerie reminder of the madness that had taken place a few hours earlier 450 miles away.

However, the evening was anything but somber. There was a spirit of shared joy reverberating throughout the audience toward the artists, reflected right back again. It was an evening where, as Undercover's leader Joe Taylor commented, one could embrace the notion of neither giving up directly nor giving up by becoming complacent. Life is too precious and fragile to fritter away in such a manner.

It's very much like our mission here at CSE. We, and everyone involved with the company, are a living encouragement to both never give up and never become complacent. Should misfortune befall one of our insureds, we provide the resources to help them get back on their feet. We also remind our insureds to not become complacent in the form of being lax on preventative measures that can make needing our services avoidable. Not that we mind claims, but it's so much better for the insured to not have a need to file one!

We live in an unpredictable world, one where not only can anything happen, but eventually will. It's good to know we're here, ready to help when one of our insureds own balance of power is upset.

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