Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is Order Breaking Down In Japan?

One of the facts often commented on by Western observers of the Japan earthquake and tsunami's aftermath is how even in the midst of unimaginable destruction and horror, there has been no rift in the country's orderly society. Victims wait patiently in line for food and water. There has been no looting whatsoever. People have remained calm.

Most people, anyway.

Reports by Japanese users of Twitter have started to surface concerning outbreaks of unruly behavior. A rough translation is as follows: "Mad rush for food. Fighting over scraps. Devastation after riot. Marauding gangs."

The tweets continue, "Is this the reality of Japan? Do not look! DO NOT LOOK!"

Now, photos have appeared in conjunction with the tweets, confirming these ugly truths. Please be forewarned the photos are not for the faint of heart. In order to protect the innocent from these images, I have placed them well below.

If you have the courage to look, scroll down...

Mad rush for food!

Fighting over scraps!

Devastation after riot!

Marauding gangs!

And before you ask, yes, this is actually going around Japan on Twitter.


  1. I am a cat lover too.

  2. I am about to say: what the! But, since this is going around Japan...I assume by Japanese people. Then, it's OK. But, we should never forget the horror that is currently going on around the country and pray for their safety and well being...thanks!