Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Can iPad 2 Do For You?

Now that the announcement has been made and the numbers are known, what can be gained by buying the iPad 2 when it comes out next Friday, especially by current iPad owners?

Answer: plenty.

While the thinner and lighter aspects are nice, the most important improvements in the iPad 2 over the original lie under the hood. The beefed-up processor will result in a huge performance boost, both in running applications and anything involving video. The iPad is already the most ergonomically-friendly device on the market, one that makes the old joke about how people will always rather curl up with a good book since curling up with a good computer doesn't work as well utterly obsolete. Now, the iPad is even more comfortable and easy to curl up with; more personable. Yes, technology that's personable. It's not only possible. It's here.

All well and good, one might think. But what about for business? Here the iPad 2 also shines. In addition to being able to better run existing business apps, such as the excellent mini-office suite Quickoffice and Apple's own word processing, spreadsheet and slideshow presentation software, the addition of forward and back-facing cameras will make the iPad 2 a valuable field tool. If you pick up either the AT&T or Verizon wireless model, using the available data plans will mean you can do field reports from anywhere there is a signal. We've already seen what apps such as CSE's own claims app can do for iPhone and Android users. With the far greater capacity of the iPad 2, even more superb apps for the insurance industry are now possible.

Also, don't forget that in a matter of days a free GoToMyPC client for the iPad will be available. Now, you can enjoy the comfort and freedom of an iPad while being able to tap into your regular computer whenever necessary.

So what can iPad 2 do for you? A lot. It will be well worth the investment.

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