Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wouldn't Cracking A Joke Have Been Easier?

You remember high school, right? Granted, for some of us high school was so long ago that whenever the kids ask if it's true that in biology instead of dissecting a frog we used a wooly mammoth. But we still remember.

Given that high school is populated by teenagers, and the primary interest of teenagers is... well, other teenagers, a fair amount of doing whatever is deemed necessary to impress and/or get the attention of members of the opposite sex occupies time during high school years. Even at East High School, where no one is over a size 4. (High School Musical reference there.)

Usually, attempts to get attention and curry favor with whoever the one true great and eternal love of a young lad or lassie's life is this week -- stop by next week to meet the next one true great and eternal love as they change often -- are restricted to familiar gestures: athletic or academic prowess, attempts to be witty with occasional forays into glibness and sometimes a dip into suave sophistication provided your acne medication is holding out. That said, sometimes a teen decides to go the extra mile to impress fellow teens.

Or the extra 200 feet.

By jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and living to tell about it:

Frederic Lecouturier, 55, said he was surfing under the bridge when he saw the boy drop into the waves.

"I thought, 'Well, he's going to die,' and then it was a miracle when he popped up alive," said Lecouturier, of San Rafael. "I paddled out there, and he told me he jumped 'for kicks.'

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