Monday, May 2, 2011

Driver Ed at McQueen High

We're well into our 2011 youth scholarship contest. With two weeks left to go -- last date an entry can be postmarked is Friday, May 13 -- we've received fifty-nine entries, with doubtless many more to come. The more, the better!

The overall quality of entries thus far has been excellent; it's going to be very difficult selecting the winners, as there are many worthy entries. However, one entry to date has stood out. Not due to the essay's content, which for the record is one of the better ones received. No, it's due to the school name.

McQueen High School.

This immediately conjures up two distinct images of what a driver instruction course there could look like...

Turn Right to Go Left 101. This course will emphasize the fundamentals of dirt track racing, along with the need to have a good team behind you. You will also experience firsthand what proper towing technique feels like courtesy of special quest instructor Mater. Extra credit will be offered for students assisting with road repair.

Street Driving Skills 101. This course will be held off-campus on the streets of San Francisco. Students will learn necessary skills such as how to jump their vehicle off of a hill, bob & weave through intersections and drive at very close proximity to the car next to you. Also, a demonstration on the dangers of improper stopping methods at gas stations will be offered. Students are advised to bring their own car, as it is doubtful their parents will appreciate the shape the family vehicle will be in once the course is completed. Green Mustang preferred.

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